[Fun App Alert] I Created a Video Game!

…And it was so easy and awesome!! Codarica is a Swedish/ American female led startup that creates apps that are designed to teach computer science fundamentals to kids. “We wanted to build an educational product that scales to kids’ imagination,” says CEO, Sanna Nilsson. “We all know that kids have an extraordinary imagination, and learning about coding […]Read More

Japanese art of Hikaru Dorodango

Buck the Cubicle series from P2 Photography American, Bruce Gardner, was motivated to learn Dorodango, a Japanese art form in which soil and water are shaped into a delicate shiny sphere. The word doro-dango translates as mud (doro-), dumpling (dango). Hikaru means shining. The shining refers to the glossy finish of the sphere. [vimeo 130927316 […]Read More

But is it human, though?

I get news alerts every day all day about a variety of headlines pertaining to anthropology, science, culture and, specifically, skeletal remains. The other day, my friend was watching one of those ‘CSI’, ‘Bones’ types of shows and commented, “there can’t be this many cases that they’re solving! Where are they finding all those bones!?” […]Read More

Peeps Magazine! An Anthropology Mag for Non-Anthros!

Last June, I did a post on this magazine, and since then they have launched AND are working on the next issue. Have you checked it out yet?! Order Issue One here! I wanna know your thoughts!   “Peeps Magazine is an independent magazine that delivers stories from around the world written by anthropologists immersed […]Read More

What’s Scurvy?! And What Does It Do To Bone?

Most of us enjoy hearing stories about the squash-buckling pirates of the high seas in days long past! Often romanticized, their tales told of adventurers and rebels who lived and died by their own code. Johnny Depp and Disney has built a franchise off of these stories. However, life at sea was no picnic. Pirates […]Read More

On a Personal Note: My Story of Grief During The

The first dead body I ever touched was my father’s. Incidentally, it also corresponded with my first comparative culture study. But I wouldn’t recognize what I did as such until years later- actually until last year. I was just searching for myself, or a community that didn’t make me feel so weird. My father, Rev. […]Read More

The World Premiere of the Documentary: The Anthropologist

This Friday, directors Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, and Jeremy Newberger will have the world premiere of their latest film, The Anthropologist, at the largest festival of documentary films in the country, DOC NYC 2015. The event will be co-presented with the American Museum of Natural History, this Friday, November 13th at 9:30 om from SVA Theater […]Read More

What Can 'Guevedoces' Teach Us About Gender Politics?

How would your raise your child if you didn’t know what their biological sex was until after they reached puberty? Would you raise them as a “girl” or “boy”, or would there be some gender neutral option? Dr Ann-Maree Nobelius, public health expert, provides a few good definitions that I would like you to keep […]Read More

Skeletons found under Afghan Presidential Palace. What Happens Next?

Imagine you are renovating your home, and as you break ground towards your new dream kitchen, you also break into a tomb or two. This happens more often than you might think! It happened just the other day to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan’s president. In the Afghan Presidential Palace, contractors were working on some renovations, and under […]Read More

Death at Birth: The Earliest Known Prehistoric Twins

Imagine the scene… It’s the Neolitic (or New Stone Age) period and the place is an area that is now known as Irkutsk, Russia, one of the largest Siberian cities. A women is laid to rest in a grave and would not speak again until one day, almost 8,000 years later, her grave and her bones would […]Read More

Bones Abroad: Boston

I finally got to meet Katy at the ComSciCon national conference a couple weeks ago! She wrote a really great article about the bones , medical history, and burials that await in Boston!Read More

Reconstructing The Past: Studio EIS (A Docu-Portrait)

Originally published on Anthropology News Everyday Anthropology Myeashea Alexander Almost every weekend for over a year, I left NYC on a 6:30 am southbound bus to Washington, DC. When I arrived, I would quickly grab breakfast from Union Station and enjoy the walk to the National Museum of Natural History. I was volunteering for a […]Read More

Anthropology Blogging 101: The Rockstar Anthropologist

This week, I am headed to ComSciCon national workshop to level up my science communication skills across a variety of platforms. I’m really excited to have been invited to participate in the program! I thought it would be appropriate to reBlog this interview I was asked to do for the outstanding anthropology blog, The Geek […]Read More

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