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“You Fit The Profile”

Throughout the world there has been a surge of black and brown people asserting our pride and the plethora of ways that blackness is experienced, what it look likes, and how our identity is expressed, revealed, policed, and managed.

Recently, a 10 year old black boy, Legend Preston, was playing basketball and suddenly found himself being surrounded by New Jersey police with their guns drawn. Police stated that they thought the short haired, middle schooler was a 20 year old, long haired armed robbery suspect.


Young Preston, was a victim of a phrase and ideology that has condemned many: “He fit the profile…”

I began thinking earnestly about the phrase “fit the profile.”

Partnering with the internationally recognized photographer, Damari McBride, we developed this project to challenge this phrase and question the idea that there is an essential black look or identity.

The photo project is about blackness and the idea that blackness can be condensed to a few characteristics or a few phenotypes. McBride thought the perfect place to begin this journey would be the 2016 AfroPunk Music Festival.

When all variations can be found in the African diaspora, what does it mean to “fit the profile”? What do you think?


The project will be ongoing and updated. For more information, email damarimcbride [at] gmail.com

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