Clifford Geertz coined the phrase thick description

The Shop Is Back! Here’s a Gift for You! [Free Download]

This year has been a busy year, so the blog site has not been as active as I would normally have liked. Also, there have been technical issues that I just haven’t had time to solve. I appreciate those of you who continue to support all of my different endeavors- science-y, nerdy, creative and otherwise.

My creative cells have been working overtime! In 2022, I launched a limited YouTube series called “Science and…,” opened an online shop through Sneedle Creative, LLC, and have been teaching workshops on storytelling, science communication, leadership, and more. I love every part of the creation process and wanted to share a fun piece I made inspired by anthropologist, Clifford Geertz. Feel free to download and print this cheeky 8×10 inch digital print as my thanks to you for your continued support! Be sure to check out the Sneedle Creative shop to see Rockstar Anthro merch and more! Use the code ROCKSTAR15 to get a discount through October 2nd, 2022!

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Digital poster designed by Myeashea Alexander that reads I like my milkshakes like my description- Thick