www.ironboundfilms.com Running Time: 81 minutes

The World Premiere of the Documentary: The Anthropologist

This Friday, directors Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, and Jeremy Newberger will have the world premiere of their latest film, The Anthropologist, at the largest festival of documentary films in the country, DOC NYC 2015. The event will be co-presented with the American Museum of Natural History, this Friday, November 13th at 9:30 om from SVA Theater in NYC.

Running Time: 81 minutes

The much anticipated film highlight how societies deal with changing environments and social ideas by examining these timely concerns through the lives of famed anthropologists, Margaret Mead and Susie Crate. Their daughters, Mary Catherine Bateson and Katie Yegorov-Crate, will share their mother’s lives and work with the audience.

www.ironboundfilms.com Running Time: 81 minutes
www.ironboundfilms.com Running Time: 81 minutes

The Anthropologist is the latest film from the Ironbound Films team!

I’d love to see you at the world premiere!

This Friday, November 13, 2015, 9:30 p.m., SVA Theater, 333 West 23rd Street

Tickets are on sale now: Get Tix!

If you come out, tweet me @RockstarAnthro  and include #TheAnthropologist #DocNYC2015 #ImHere @TheAnthroMovie

We’ll grab drinks and wings afterwards, and talk about the film!

If you want to know more, see below! And see you there!

Press/ Media Details: Co-presented with the American Museum of Natural History, THE ANTHROPOLOGIST illuminates how civilizations cope with change–both environmental and societal–by focusing on the anthropologists devoted to this study. Margaret Mead, one of the best-known cultural anthropologists of all time, was fascinated by how remote, primitive cultures adapted to the encroaching modern world. Today, another renowned environmental anthropologist, Susie Crate, studies how worldwide communities are coping with climate change: melting permafrost, receding glaciers, and rising tides. THE ANTHROPOLOGIST poses the question: When people can’t stop the world from changing, how do they change themselves? Delightful commentary by Mead’s daughter, Mary Catherine Bateson, a cultural anthropologist in her own right, and Crate’s teenage daughter, Katie Yegorov-Crate, interwoven with stories of their mothers’ research and discoveries, enlivens the film.

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