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Final CE Week Reviews: Peripherals, Automation and 3D! Oh My!

This is the last of my CE Week tech reviews! I feel your sadness, but rejoice! For although these items be small, they are MIGHTY! PERIPHERALS TREWGrip This is definitely one of the more unique keyboards I’ve ever seen! Made for use with smartphones and tablets (particularly mini-tablets) in lieu of the sometimes more difficult […]Read More

CE Week Reviews: Sexy Wearables!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, science fans of ALL ages, step right up and enjoy the very first post from the Emcee of Electronics, the Grand Marshall of Gadgetry, the one, the only, (and aren’t we all grateful for that folks?!) Mike!!! *waits for raucous applause to die down, and seats to be retaken* […]Read More

With a Rebel Yell or a Fist in the Air:

I began singing and dancing very early on in life. It is in no way surprising that my mother, a trained opera singer, and father, a music loving piano player, would have 6 very musical children. We all sang together and many of us played an instrument. At some point or another we all had […]Read More

3 Person IVF and Society

It’s been 2 weeks since I attended the World Science Festival. I was going to create a post about how wonderful it was, but if you Google, tweet, search, etc., you’ll be able to corroborate that story. Instead I decided to focus my attention towards a panel I attended called, “Designer Genes: Fashioning Our Biological […]Read More

Jazz, Gin, Lock Picking and Culture!

I could hear the jazz horns before I even entered the building. The dark, rainy night only added to my excitement. As we entered into the Library of the General Society, we were greeted by smiling ladies, handing us keys tied to a maroon, satin ribbon, and cloth, muslin bags filled with lock picking supplies. The […]Read More