Final CE Week Reviews: Peripherals, Automation and 3D! Oh My!

This is the last of my CE Week tech reviews! I feel your sadness, but rejoice! For although these items be small, they are MIGHTY!


This is definitely one of the more unique keyboards I’ve ever seen! Made for use with smartphones and tablets (particularly mini-tablets) in lieu of the sometimes more difficult to use on screen keyboards. It can also be used with a smart TV and desktop!
The main objectives of this tool are speed and productivity by letting you type with all ten fingers as opposed to just thumbs or the awkward attempts at full hand typing that tablets can simulate. The air mouse feature also makes it fun to navigate on screen.
The QWERTY keyboard is split down the middle, half for each hand with a space in the middle for the smartphone/mini-tablet to rest.
What really makes the keyboard special is that the keys are on the back, with light up analogs on the front to help show you which key you’ve just hit.
Light and obviously portable, it allows for a variety of typing positions which would otherwise be impossible when using say, a laptop, etc.
While speaking with Kevin Wilson I was informed that a later release will feature buttons on the front for gaming to be used by the thumbs. It also has a mouse which is controlled by moving the entire keyboard through the air, similar to say a Wii remote. We may be getting a demo unit here at the ‘Rockstar’ headquarters where I’ll be able to give a more thorough review (perhaps a sensuous video).
Now available for pre-order for as low as $149, give it a look at, on FB at or on Twitter @trewgrip.
A rather novel docking solution for Apple laptops which limits the space needed and makes for easy integration with larger screens or home audio setups. The design also nicely compliments the sleek, Apple aesthetic.
With vertical docks for space saving and horizontal docks for extra productivity, these make for very simple and elegant solutions to problems you may not have even realized you had. slideshow_1
By leaving such small footprints these will leave limitless desk arrangements for those who either lack space or like to rearrange constantly.
The vertical docks are available now for $119, and the horizontal are up for pre-order without a listed price.
See if it works for you at, on FB at, or Twitter @hengedocks.
Pirate 3D may have won best in show for this category, but for me, Matter and Form definitely had the most exciting product there! These folks have brought us one step closer to Star Trek style replicators, and they’re doing it for under $600!!!
Their 3D Scanner is compact coming in at just over a foot tall and roughly the same length when opened, and weighing in at less than 7lbs. For that size you’re able to scan objects up to 9.8in tall and 7in around. When I say scan, I mean the real deal.
The set-up offers full HD scanning of up to almost 2000 points per second, and it captures the color as well! It works with both Windows (from 7 up) and Mac (10.7 and up). Seriously folks, anything you can imagine 3D printing within those aforementioned sizes, this guy has got your back, and the awesome fold up design makes it easy to take it just about anywhere.
scanthumb_skull3Imagine what this will do for education, presentations, restaurant menus! Can you imagine a soon to be future where you can see a 3D scan of your potential meal?! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I don’t think so.
Do yourself a favor, and pre-order one now at!
There’s a lot of excitement in the realm of home automation these days, and with good reason. Much of the talk really started when Google bought Nest, makers of smart home thermometers, but if you’re like me and live in NYC on a budget, that news didn’t affect you much. I mean really, who has a centrally heated and cooled apartment in Brooklyn, am I right?
But thinkeco is coming to the rescue! They’ve got a funky take on the wall outlet they call the modlet. It’s a wifi enabled plug-in which will give you up to the minute power data to help you save money, but if’s when it’s paired with their smartAC unit that things get really exciting!products_smartAC_01
The smartAC remote has a thermometer built in to allow you to set whatever temperature you’d like to keep the room at, or you can use the app to command your A/C at will from anywhere! No more coming home to a hot apt!!
Trust me, if you live in NYC, or anywhere where you rely on a window unit a/c, this is a game changer! Get yours now at!!!


Well, that’s it for me folks! Thanks to the folks at Klout and CE Week for inviting us out, for everyone I mentioned in the posts for taking time to talk with us, and letting me play with their awesome products (of course, if you’d ever like to let me play with them longer, I’d never say no to demo units…. ), and to you the readers for taking time to peruse this review!
It’s all for you, and I hope you learned a little something as well as caught some of my excitement for these products. Until next time! I’m out like Sasquatch when cameras are around!

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