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ReBlog: First-Ever LSD Microdosing Study Will Pit the Human Brain

by Daniel Oberhaus Amanda Feilding used to take lysergic acid diethylamide every day to boost creativity and productivity at work before LSD, known as acid, was made illegal in 1968. During her downtime, Feilding, who now runs the Beckley Foundation for psychedelic research, would get together with her friends to play the ancient Chinese game […] […]Read More

Happening Now! Remote Cyborg Camp @ MIT

MIT media lab is hosting a CyborgCamp as a way to explore the future relationships between humans and technology. The best part is that they will be Livestreaming the event from their site. Here’s a link: Livestream and Chat Let’s watch, participate and discuss!Read More

Final CE Week Reviews: Peripherals, Automation and 3D! Oh My!

This is the last of my CE Week tech reviews! I feel your sadness, but rejoice! For although these items be small, they are MIGHTY! PERIPHERALS TREWGrip This is definitely one of the more unique keyboards I’ve ever seen! Made for use with smartphones and tablets (particularly mini-tablets) in lieu of the sometimes more difficult […]Read More

CE Week Reviews: Sexy Wearables!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, science fans of ALL ages, step right up and enjoy the very first post from the Emcee of Electronics, the Grand Marshall of Gadgetry, the one, the only, (and aren’t we all grateful for that folks?!) Mike!!! *waits for raucous applause to die down, and seats to be retaken* […]Read More

I Fell in Love with a Robo-Naut!

  During my visit to the Kennedy Space Center, I had the opportunity to hear about a number of innovations and experiments being conducted on and off the International Space Station. My absolute favorite was ROBONAUT! “The core idea behind the Robonaut series is to have a humanoid machine work alongside astronauts” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robonaut). While many find […]Read More