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The Bones of Monsters: Vampires (Part1)

A few days ago, an article began to circulate about a medieval burial that revealed evidence that the people of the time and area had laid a vampire to rest. This is exciting for all parties involved! Even if the archaeological aspect of the story doesn’t get you worked up, vampires have been a significant part of our […]Read More

'He's Not Sleep Walking; He Thinks He's Dead': Walking Corpse

A few weeks ago, I was power streaming the television series ‘Scrubs’, and in one episode they had a patient who was walking around the ficitional Sacred Heart hospital and saying whacky things. His diagnosis? “He thinks he’s dead. He has Cotard’s Syndrome”. My next question was, “Is that an actual thing?” And, so, research […]Read More

Happening Now! Remote Cyborg Camp @ MIT

MIT media lab is hosting a CyborgCamp as a way to explore the future relationships between humans and technology. The best part is that they will be Livestreaming the event from their site. Here’s a link: Livestream and Chat Let’s watch, participate and discuss!Read More

Bone and the Disease: The Rachitic Pelvis

Disease often leaves its mark deeply imprinted on the skeleton. Sometimes this can be very difficult to see and will require a highly trained or skilled eye. However, many times, bone remodeling can be clearly visible and provide a host of information that will give a history of the way a person lived and died. […]Read More

The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses: Burial Rituals of the Toraja

“Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals.” – Sir William Gladstone   I came across a story about a ritual that takes place […]Read More

Hurry up and Find A Mentor!

I try to share my experiences as I go through my process of researching, advancing academically, developing a career and skills because I find it extremely valuable when others share their experience with me. About a month ago, I was privileged enough to have been sponsored to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).  […]Read More

5 Really Bad Anthro Movies

Anthropologists have often been portrayed as brave, intelligent, and clever adventurers who infiltrate deep into thought-to-be long lost, untouched, primitive peoples and villages, or skillful explorers who uncover the mysteries of unknown civilizations,  outwit booby traps, or foil the clumsily laid plans of greedy villains. Admittedly, Hollywood takes some liberties and pushes some boundaries, but […]Read More

Why Did An Anthropologist Attend CEWeek?!

***Full disclosure: I received my invite as part of a partnership with Klout. You can read about it here   CEWeek is the consumer electronics mid-year event. Vendors, brands and innovators come from all over to show off their sexy new products. Some products are not yet on the market, while others have just found […]Read More

With a Rebel Yell or a Fist in the Air:

I began singing and dancing very early on in life. It is in no way surprising that my mother, a trained opera singer, and father, a music loving piano player, would have 6 very musical children. We all sang together and many of us played an instrument. At some point or another we all had […]Read More

3 Person IVF and Society

It’s been 2 weeks since I attended the World Science Festival. I was going to create a post about how wonderful it was, but if you Google, tweet, search, etc., you’ll be able to corroborate that story. Instead I decided to focus my attention towards a panel I attended called, “Designer Genes: Fashioning Our Biological […]Read More

Woot! Woot! 'THANK YOU' Giveaway!!

Since I really (like, REALLLLLLY) started this blog this year, I’ve just reached my 50th post and 200th Twitter follower! Not to mention, I’ve learned so much from this awesome blogging/ science communication/ education community, so I want to celebrate with you!! It’s summer time and with the World Cup 2014 coming up, I found […]Read More