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Announcement: Black History Series: From NYC to St. Helena- The Bones That Hold Our Past

Because World Anthropology Day and Black History Month occur in the same month, and I wanted to spend some time talking about a topic I love (re: that February holiday day about love). I decided I wanted to spend the month of February posting about two very special sites- the African Burial Grounds of NYC and St. Helena Island.

For years now, I’ve talked about the African Burial Grounds in NYC. This and similar sites around NY have been integral to the content I teach in the bone lab and discuss in the few guest lectures that I’ve done. A few of years ago, I learned about the burials found on St. Helena Island and as I began to pull the data that I could find, I quickly noticed a myriad of similarities to the findings of the African Burial Grounds. I think February 2019 would be a great month to share those similarities and illuminate those histories, the anthropology, the culture and my thoughts with all of you!

I think this will be exciting and interesting and for some you, completely new information! There will be intrigue, politics, culture, social justice, a disfigured nobleman, planes, ships, osteology, and more!

I don’t see any point in recycling the same Black History Month curriculum and “fun facts” that get regurgitated this time every year. I hope that you’ll read along, send me your thoughts and feedback, and share the info!

See you tomorrow!


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