Photo: Kristofer Jansson, Interactive Institute.

Virtual Autopsy Table

The Interactive Institute in collaboration with Norrköping Visualization Center and Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization has developed a table that will allow you to take a walk through the human body, virtually.

Photo: Kristofer Jansson, Interactive Institute
Photo: Kristofer Jansson, Interactive Institute

Known as both the Virtual Autopsy Table and Inside Explorer Table, the interactive work station was originally developed to enhance postmortem forensic investigations. Release in 2009, the Virtual Autopsy Table was recently adapted for public engagement in educational and museum spaces and re-named ‘The Inside Explorer’. The table allows for new types of hands on exhibitions and learning.
Engadget calls this tech “…one of the best uses for a multitouch table surface ever“! And I’d certainly cosign that sentiment!
This video shows how the British Museum used the Virtual Autopsy Table to explore the natural mummy, Gebelein Man, who was buried around 3500 BC at the site of Gebelein in Upper Egypt. The new technology helped scientists revel that he was most likely a murder victim.

The technology opens up a whole new set of possibilities in education, investigation and curiosity.

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  • The detail on this piece of equipment is amazing!

  • Hi RA, I absolutely both love and loathe this table. I love the internal vision of the body that it allows, especially in the context of history, but at the same time its gruesomeness appalls me. Great post! AA

    • Perfect! I think you summed up how many people feel about this table. It reminds me when I’m volunteering at the museum and someone would come in say, “Oh my goodness, this is so cool! Ewww!” LOL

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