March is Women's History Month

…And my birthday month!!
All in all, I’d say March is a pretty significant month all around. I wanted to find a way to truly celebrate and inform, so I decided to fill this month with some women’s centered medical anthropology and history.
For the next for weeks, I will create posts that highlight interesting moments in women’s health history that still have relevance within modern conversations that occur in our homes, schools, courtrooms and beyond. Many of the topics will be controversial as it is often still contested how much agency a woman should have over her body and choices.
I’m hoping to spark conversations between men, women, academics and laypersons, young and old about out next steps towards equality, fairness, equal empowerment, and more.
Additionally, since March is also my birthday month, stay tuned for giveaways and prizes as part of ‘The Rockstar Anthropologist’ Favorite Things! There will be a chance to win some of the things that make my heart smile- Legos, a copy of Alice in Wonderland and other great books, Moleskin notebooks, a picture of my dog!

Three Cheers for the Month of March!


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