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Spark!: Meet the Watch That Wakes You Up!

We’ve all been there- overworked, over-partied, worn out, underrested. Or perhaps your body is just in need of some rest management due to illness, disease, etc. But things have to get done, right? So, we find ourselves pushing through what we are dealing with, and nodding off in class, at work, on a subway ride. I’ve even fallen asleep at concerts!
Recently, I went with the Rockstar Anthro Tech team to the GetGeeked consumer electronic show in New York City, and we were blown away by a simple device, great looking smart watch with one purpose- to wake your butt up!
The Spark Smart-watch is the brain child of 17 year old high school innovators, Eddy Zhong and Marc Rice, who had a problem and figured out how to solve it.

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“Spark uses motion tracking algorithms developed in conjunction with sleep researchers to analyze an individual’s motion patterns throughout the day. Using this data, the watch can detect when it’s user has fallen asleep at an inconvenient time. It’s equipped with a 12V vibration motor to rouse the user if he/she falls asleep.”

The watch is very sleek and good looking. The interface is simple and uncluttered, and at a price point of about $98 retail, this watch would make a lovely stocking stuffer for your hard working student, or even yourself! Check out these politicians and members of parliament who could’ve definitely used a Spark watch! (Pre-order for a discount:
I had a chance to talk to these remarkable young men, and they explained that it took about 2 years to develop, find support, and bring this device to life. They launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project.
These two and their brilliant device has already been featured in Wired, Boston Business Journal, MIT, and Fox Business- to name a few! This is definitely a company to watch!
Inspired by his older brother who was diagnosed with narcolepsy, Zhong sought to come up with a solution to help keep his brother awake and improve his quality of life. Because of the narcolepsy, his brother’s schooling and ability to keep up with work was adversely affected.
There is no cure for narcolepsy, and it is unable to be staved off with a jolt of caffeine. Zhong hoped that the physical vibration and interaction between the body and the device would help wake up the individual that has fallen asleep.

Zhong and Rice at GetGeeked NY 2014
Zhong and Rice at GetGeeked NY 2014

I did not get the chance to test drive it, but I look foward to the opportunity to be able to provide you all with a first hand review of how it operates day to day. Between the demands of school, work, and home, I’m sure I’ll be able to give this watch a run for its money.
See more about the watch and pre-order yours now:

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