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Gifts for Culture and Macabre Lovers: The Sweet Edition

I tend to look for ANY excuse to celebrate. Valentine’s Day is no exception! Sometimes I bring cupcakes to class, candies to work, take my mom out for dinner, or treat myself to something nice.
I’ve also had the flu this week. So when I was lucid, that meant internet surfing
Check out some neat stuff I found!
Visual Anatomy makes anatomical chocolates! This box of hearts ($34.95USD), with one red heart, seemed quite romantic and tasty! Check out their website for more boxed sets!
Speaking of chocolates, the company Vegan Treats, has one of the best boxes of chocolates I’ve ever seen! The ‘Fatally Yours’ chocolate box features skulls, bones, anatomical hearts and dainty prints along with yummy flavors AND a medical diagram of the chocolate! Go ahead, treat yo’ self!! ($87.95)
fatally-your-valentines-day-1-500x500 (1)
I don’t think that I’ve hidden the fact that I am a massive Margaret Mead fan! For Christmas, a good friend of mine gifted me a copy of Margaret Mead, Some Personal Views (out of print). Everyone should read it! I feel like she could have written it last week and it would still be relevant. But I digress…
After reading it, I was really excited to pick up a copy of To Cherish the Life of the World: Selected Letters of Margaret Mead. The book features poignant and thought- provoking love letters to anthropologist, Ruth Benedict. Heartwarming stuff!
I really think these scientist Valentine’s cards from ironicsans are adorable! You can email them or print them out. Find more here
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I just found these and was instantly in love! My fellow anthros, death professionals, geeks, nerds, etc., how many times have you been enthusiastically discussing osteomyelitis of a tibia, recalling an interesting cremation story, deconstructing the origins of a word in order to better understand its meaning, etc., and have been called, “weird”? We all have.

From the Etsy shop, RKGracePrints
From the Etsy shop, RKGracePrints

Finally, I would LOVE a Jimmy Nelson print! Nelson is a photographer who spent years travelling the world and photographing some of the most spectacular indigenous cultures still in existence. These can are pricey, so perhaps the book will suffice. See more or buy prints:
Papua New Guine Image by Jimmy Nelson
Papua New Guine Image by Jimmy Nelson

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