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The Rockstar Anthropologist 2015 Playlist for Fun!

I don’t normally get too personal on the blog, but I’m making an exception because I want to have some fun and talk about my experience. How my 2014 started off is COMPLETELY different than how it ended! Woooooooooo!
I’ll save you the deets, but I made a playlist to add some color and rhythm to my attitude going into 2015! I’m posting the YouTube vids of each song, along with a link to the Spotify playlist! Some of these are self-explanatory, some come with explanation.
If you have some songs that spoke to you this past year, share them! I can’t be the only one sharing my soul through song!
1) I did NOT know that P!nk made a song that narrated my life!

2) There may be a theme happening, but it ends here

3) The Ferguson situation not only divided a nation, but divided Facebook friends lists! Seriously, I don’t know how many people were willing to accept my as long as I did not burden them with blackness and femaleness- you know? The things that I can’t separate myself from. I made a conscious decision that I cared not to maintain the comfort of others at the expense of continued injustice. My refusal to be intimidated, to play down my blackness, to not mention white privilege, or to take what I get made me a problem. It is what it is!

4) I discovered Beyonce. Yes, I just said that. I was cool with Crazy In Love, but after that, everything just felt like one long song, so I fell off. I, mean, she doesn’t pay my bills. But then I heard this, and I guess it worked for me.

5) It’s been a rough and heartbreaking year to be Black, which may not seem new to Black people, but what this past year will reflect so poignantly is the devastation of institutional racism and systemic violence that still penetrates the bodies of poor and minority people in this country. Post-racial USA for whom?!
6) What we need is love…

7) Life is definitely going to not always be roses, but I definitely am ending the year feeling strong and full of purpose!

8) I spent a few weeks of 2014 mobilely constricted because of a back injury. I still had to figure out how to live, study, and work through it. I fell behind a bit, but the show had to go on!

9) I definitely felt the sting of burn out this year. Falling behind of school work, nursing a sick back, navigating the rocky terrains of all manner of relationships, just living life in NYC- I was SPENT! But a little encouragement and perspective can go a LONG way! In the end, you gotta work!

10) Whatever you do, how ever you do it, have a little fun, show a little compassion, remember the world is not just for you alone, there are many valid ways to live life, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, turn on something cheesy and danceable and go to werk!
Join me on Spotify: Rockstar Anthro 2015

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